Paris Metro Trash is my largest project to date, with over 3000 trash cans photographed for this project. I wanted to know if people in the 16th consumed/threw away different trash than people in the 19th. I had no idea how to structure it, until I realised the Paris Metro covers pretty much all of Paris and more. So Paris Metro Trash was born!

Structured around the Paris Metro system, Paris Metro Trash tries to answer questions like 'can you define someone by what they throw away?' and 'do they really throw away jewellery in the 16th?'

Essentially, this project allows you to compare the 20 districts of Paris, plus some of the suburbs surrounding Paris. What do they throw away in the 5th vs what they throw away in the 18th?

It took a couple of years to finish this project. Along the way I started to realise there were some definite themes in what I was finding in the trash cans, so I created what I hope are some interesting pieces of work to show what I found. This is the work you can find on this site.

I particularly like the McDonalds series (McParis). Given the strong food culture here in France, I was very surprised to learn that the French are one of the largest consumers of McDonalds in the world! I also love the photo I have called Maureen. America seems particularly good at exporting American food culture to France. The cup in the trash has the name Maureen written on it. I just imagine the very personalised cup ending up on some trash heap, slowly rotting away with Maureen’s name, along with Starbucks on it.